by False Indigo

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released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Matt Laydon Connecticut

whatever i want

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Track Name: Vertigo
the summer heat, it hangs around my neck
it makes me cry
the melancholy sun hangs over me,
when it should give way to night
i feel it on my teeth
and underneath my fingernails
the barest of my feet
they leave behind the muddiest trails

i long to feel the pain
that i only see in my wildest dreams
a scene that's painted perfectly
according to the numbers on my screen
i'm overcome by vertigo
when i'm walking in the street
another prayer for suffering
each times i break my knee

the bloodiest trails
my barest of feet
to my bed of nails
i'll slowly retreat
the longest pigtails
the blackest concrete
to my bed of nails
i'll always retreat
Track Name: In Thicket
all this innocence i've feigned
my history in grains of sand slip through my hand
leadmouthed snakes now surround me
searching for one to find me hidden deep in thicket or stall
let the venom in, seeping deeper now
into the cracks in my heart
until i wake up

standing in the corner of grand central
whispering into the walls
i don't know who's been there standing across
but i know for sure that he's been listening all along
and now, i've waited too long to reach out for him
so when i do, i slip in to the dark

finding i've stayed up too long chasing the sunrise,
only to drift off before the dawn
Track Name: All My Teeth
when you fixate on it all
the focus all goes out of range
try my best just not to argue
but it ain't like me to change
never known you one to barter
never seen you make a trade
ain't just like us to argue
knowing full-well that you don't believe in what you're saying

it's deep, it's dark and hollow
with a voice like a prayer
everything i've got is borrowed
i love you because you don't seem to care
and you draw me from my sorrows
but you draw me from the truth
that everything i've got is borrowed
and all my teeth are coming loose

cold, sharp air propelled through my sweating lungs
night time street light gives relief to the sun